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Article in San Diego Magazine

What motivated him: In 2007, my eyesight started to decline and I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. My physician prescribed medication, exercise, and a balanced diet—a combination that could eliminate my diabetes.

How he did it: I changed my diet, lined up a trainer, Elle Szames, and started a boot camp, three days a week for an hour. I emailed Elle what I ate each day to keep me accountable...... Read More

I just wanted to take a quick minute to let you know how much I love Elle's classes. Even after four months, she keeps it fresh, fun and a challenge. Her energy keeps the class uplifted, and on those days I come feeling less-than-motivated, she gets me sweating!
- Tracy Moran

Just wanted to let you know Elle is awesome!! She mixes things up & makes work-outs fun and challenging. We’re all trying to get the word out as we are committed to continuing.
- Lori Thompson

Hey Elle, Our baseball season is going great so far, thank you. I know I loved the boot camp! I am always finding myself bragging about it to other people. Some positive things are that it is greatly driven, it motivates you and makes you very determined. Most of all it was fun because it was on the beach. You as the trainer made it fun and I liked how you participated. Thanks again.
-Johnny Omahen
Cal State San Marcos University Baseball Team

I am 52 years old and have been obese since I was 40. I have been taking Boot Camp 3 days a week for 5 months and have lost 45 pounds. I am stronger than I have been in 20 years. When I started Boot Camp I couldn’t do more than 3 pushups and before you laugh see how many you can do. Now I can do 3 sets of 10. Elle, our Trainer, has us all work to our own abilities but gets more out of us than we think we can do. For the first time since I left the Army 30 years ago I look forward to working out. It’s not hard but it is consistent and challenging. Just what I needed to get back in shape.
I haven’t had any back problems since I started working with Elle. My knees are stronger than they have been in years. That alone makes Boot Camp worth every penny. If that weren’t enough I’m now off 2 of the 5 medications I was taking. If Elle can do that for me, she can help anyone with their fitness goals. You Rock Elle and with your help, and now I Rock.
- Eric S. Baugh

Being a person with almost no free time, I often passed by flyers advertising a “Boot Camp” like program to help people get into shape. Why should I sign up for such a program? I already have a treadmill and several other exercise machines at home. Since the program is held at work and I couldn’t get myself to exercise when I get home from work; I thought that I would sign up for a month to try it out.
This is the best self improvement program I’ve joined to date.
It is hard work and you will struggle at every session, no doubt about it. But with hard work comes great results.You will feel good about yourself and your energy level will skyrocket. Elle is our professional trainer. Even though we all train in a large group, she pays special attention to each member; making sure they are standing or exercising in the correct posture to eliminate injury and possible pain. For the first month of training, we worked the different muscles in the body in many fun and easy to do exercises. I thought being a runner and weight lifter would help; but after the first day, I can barely walk. That tells me how out of shape I am! Through the different moves, either aerobics or with weights; you will get a complete workout each session.
For me, one benefit of joining Boot Camp is a 90% reduction in migraine headaches.
If you ever had a migraine headache in the past, you know how terrible it can be. Boot Camp helped reduce my stress; and with the reduction in stress comes less headaches. Boot camp is the cure for me;in addition to having so many other positive health benefits. So forget about those weight loss products or magic pills, head to Boot Camp and you will start seeing results. One of my favorite lines from the Boot Camp is, “What did you do at Boot Camp yesterday? We did Jack Squat at yesterday’s Boot Camp! And today I can barely walk.” What is Jack Squat? Come to find out!
- Ben Le

I went skiing for the first time in nearly 20 years. I remembered that I was always winded and my legs burned and I was sore afterwards. I was apprehensive about skiing because I thought I wouldn't have the stamina (since I'm 20 years older). I was in for a big surprise. I skied for nearly 6 hours. I was never out of breath and not sore at all. I attribute that to taking Elle's boot camp workout.
My body is stronger now than 20 years ago.
I feel fantastic! I would recommend this class to everyone as you can go at your own pace so starting out as a beginner, you can see improvements right away and if you are already in great shape then you will be able to further challenge your body to reach your personal goals.
Elle's motivates each individually in a positive way and her "don't quit" message is the push we all need. I couldn't wait to get back to class to thank Elle!
- Donna Vela

Elle is a positive, motivating, and tireless supporter of my efforts to change my exercise routine and eating habits. She is constantly striving to help me improve my physical ability, increase body strength, lose weight and learn to exercise safely and to my best ability. Her instructions are easy to understand, motivating as she guides and shows you how to find your inner strength while you are applying your whole body. She runs beside me during our training and encourages me to be my best, listen to my body and feeds my determination with positive, strong compliments. She helps me set realistic goals, apply the foundations she has taught me and find my own personal grit in giving it all that I got!
I would never be at my current level of exercise without her!!!!
- Trish V., Age 48, Oceanside

Elle is fantastic, such a fun person! I wish I had her dedication. She manages to make our training workout dates something that I actually look forward to keeping. She taught me some core exercises that I could still feel three days later!! That's what I needed! I was more out of shape than I thought, but I attained my goal with her help. Thanks again, Elle, I will never forget what I learned, while having had a good time too! I'm stronger and definitely in better shape now. I get to work out while enjoying her company at the same time!
- Anne B., Age 53, Carlsbad

Elle is an awesome pesonal trainer. I have already seen vast improvement in my muscle tone, posture, eating habits, and weight reduction. Without her constant encouragement, I wouldn't be exercising at all. I am the CEO of a fast-paced organization and didn't think that I had time to workout until I met Elle. She overcame all of my excuses and she even comes to me for the workouts, which saves me time.
- Barry B., Age 65, San Diego

I've walked a few 5k events in my life. At 50, I decided it was time to run and complete just one. I joined one of Elle's training groups to prepare for the run. Training and working with Elle was informative and fun! Her teaching and recommendations were professional and brought results. With Elle's guidance and several weeks of progressively lengthening my running time, I completed the Turkey Trot 5k. A dream and goal come true.
- Jovita P., Age 50, Oceanside